Terms of Service

1. Clarification

1.1 Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Continuing Education (SJTU SCE) International Summer School shall provide Internet-based and mobile services (collectively referred to herein as “network services”) in accordance with Terms of Service and the additional provisions. To access the services, the service user (hereinafter referred to “User”) shall accept the terms and complete registration by following specific instructions. By clicking on “Agree”, User fully understands and accepts the following terms.

1.2 After User has successfully registered, the School shall assign User an official account with a default password, for which User should be accountable, including all activities associated with the account.

2. Contents of Service(s)

2.1 The network services provided by SJTU SCE International Summer School are contingent upon practical aspects.

2.2 Paid network services provided by SJTU SCE International Summer School include but are not limited to: course registration and accommodation reservation. Users of these services are responsible for any additional fee charged by the School. The School will prompt User with clear instructions before any fee is applied. User will be able to access the services after payment is complete.

2.3 User shall understand that SJTU SCE International Summer School does not offer free network services for non-school devices (such as personal computers and mobile phones). Therefore, User shall pay for Internet services when connecting the aforesaid devices.

3. Service change, suspension and termination

3.1 User grants SJTU SCE International Summer School the right to change, suspend, and terminate part/all of the network services (including the paid services). If User requests for change, suspension or termination of free network services, the School has no responsibility to inform User beforehand nor to be liable for any third parties involved; If the modified services are already paid for by User, the School has to inform him/her of such change, suspension or termination and provide substituent services at charge. If User refuses such substitutes, the School should refund the rest of the service fee.

3.2 User understands that SJTU SCE International Summer School needs to maintain the service platform and equipment on a regular basis (such as websites and mobile networks). The School shall hold no responsibility for any interruption of services within a reasonable time period. However, the School should notify User as early as possible.

3.3 With any of the following conditions applied, the School shall have the right to suspend or terminate the services (including paid Internet services) listed in the Terms at any time. No liability for User or any third parties is required.

3.3.1 User provides false personal information;

3.3.2 User violates any provisions under Use of Services;

3.3.3 User fails to pay the corresponding service fee on time;

3.4 If the registered account of free Internet service(s) is left unused for 120 consecutive days, or that of paid Internet service(s) for 120 consecutive days after the expiration date, the School has the right to delete the account and terminate the service(s).

4. Use of Services

4.1 When requesting for access to SJTU SCE International Summer School network services, User shall provide accurate personal information and make updates in a timely manner.

4.2 User shall not give others the access to his/her account and password. If the account is abused, User should immediately notify the School. The School shall not be liable for any abuse of account(s) caused by hacking or negligence of User.

4.3 User grants SJTU SCE International Summer School the right to perform commercial activities of any type (including but not limited to advertising on the School website) during the term of service(s). Promotional emails and the alike are also included.

4.4 User grants the School the free, permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive right to use, replicate, modify, adapt, publish, translate, and create derivative works based on any contents uploaded by User to the School website through its network service(s), in addition to distribution, performance and display of such contents. The School shall be allowed to incorporate these contents into any future work, media platforms and technology in development.

4.5 User shall comply with the following terms when using the School’s network service(s):

4.5.1 Abide by national laws and regulations;

4.5.2 Abide by protocols and regulations of network services;

4.5.3 Use of network service(s) for illegal purpose shall be forbidden;

4.5.4 Use of network service(s) that infringes the School’s commercial interests shall be forbidden, including but not limited to unauthorized publication of commercials;

4.5.5 Use of network service(s) that impairs regular network operation shall be forbidden;

4.5.6 Use of network service(s) to upload, display or spread any false, harassing, slanderous, abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene and illegal contents shall be forbidden;

4.5.7 Infringement of the patent, copyright, trademark, reputation or any other legal rights of the third parties shall be forbidden;

4.5.8 Use of network service(s) that impairs interests of the School shall be forbidden;

4.6 SJTU SCE International Summer School has the right to supervise and review User’s activities conducted through its network service(s) (including but not limited to the contents created by User). If User violates any of the above-mentioned terms, the School and the authorizer shall request further action from User to minimize the cost (including but not limited to change and deletion of the contents posted by User, suspension and termination of provided services).

4.7 Any announcements, notices and warnings sent by SJTU SCE International Summer School in relation to the network services provided (including but not limited to webpage announcements, emails and text messages) are subject to the Terms. If User uses the above-mentioned services, he/she shall agree with such announcements.

4.8 The School has the right to block, lock and cancel any accounts that involve any of (but no limited to) the following activities:

4.8.1. Use nicknames that violate national laws and impair social values, such as reactionary and pornographic information (including symbols and addresses);

4.8.2. Use the legal names, courtesy names, stage names, pen names and titles of the well-known influential authorities, such as the Prime Minster of the People’s Republic of China.

4.8.3 Use the names or logos of state agencies and enterprises;

4.8.4 Use nicknames that discriminate based on sex, race and region;

4.8.5. Use nicknames that are insulting and harassing;

4.8.6. Use nicknames that lead to confusion and serious misunderstandings;

4.8.7. Use names associated with SJTU SCE International Summer School without authorization;

4.8.8. Do not use nicknames that are misleading and similar to/same as those of the School’s professors and community managers;

4.8.9. Do not use nicknames for overt commercial purpose;

4.8.10. Do not use nicknames that contain contents prohibited by laws and regulations and the School forum.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

5.1 Any text, images, graphics, audio and/or video materials presented in the network services shall be protected by copyright, trademark and/or other property-ownership laws. Without the consent of the relevant rights holder, reproduction and distribution of such contents for commercial purpose are not allowed. The above-mentioned materials may only be stored on a computer for private and non-commercial uses. SJTU SCE International Summer School shall not in any way be liable for damages for any third party due to delay, inaccuracy, errors and omissions in delivery of such materials.

5.2 Any software used by SJTU SCE International Summer School to provide network services (including but not limited to images, photos, animations, videos, sound recordings, music, texts, additional programs and materials included in the software) belongs to the copyright owner. User thus may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the software without the permission of the copyright owner.

6. Privacy Policy

6.1 SJTU SCE International Summer School is dedicated to User privacy protection. The School will not disclose or provide any third parties with User registration information stored in the School network, with the following exceptions:

6.1.1 Share of information is approved beforehand by User;

6.1.2 Share of information complies with national laws and regulations;

6.1.3 Share of information is complies with the requirements of government authorities;

6.1.4 Share of information is in favor of the general public’s rights and interests;

6.1.5 Share of information is in favor of the School’s constitutional rights;

6.2 The School may cooperate with third parties to provide network services for Users. If the third party agrees to assume liability for protecting User privacy, the School shall have the right to share User registration information with the party;

6.3 The School has the right to analyze and commercialize the User’s database, given that no personal data is abused.

7. Disclaimer

7.1 User explicitly agrees that he/she shall be liable for any use of the School’s network service(s), in which case the School shall bear no responsibility for User’s behaviors.

7.2 User commits to cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and its summer program operator Beijing Modak International Education Ltd.

7.3 SJTU SCE International Summer School acknowledges that its network service(s) may not meet all Users’ requirements and the service(s) may be interrupted. No liability for timeliness, security and accuracy of the network service(s) shall be claimed.

7.4 SJTU SCE International Summer School does not guarantee the accuracy and integrity of external links presented in network service(s). Nor shall the School be liable for any contents embedded with such links.

7.5 SJTU SCE International Summer School does not assume responsibility for network service interruptions and other issues caused by uncontrollable factors. Nonetheless, the School shall try its best to minimize the cost.

7.6 User agrees that SJTU SCE International Summer School shall not be liable for internal technical defects of the following products and services:

7.6.1 School-provided network services at no charge;

7.6.2 School-provided products at no charge;

7.6.3 School-provided products and services for paid network services Users.

7.7 Account User is liable for any photos he/she uploads to the School website.

8. Breach Penalty

8.1 SJTU SCE International Summer School agrees to be accountable for User damages if it violates the Terms, related national laws and regulations.

8.2 User agrees to protect the interests of SJTU SCE International Summer School and those of other users. If User violates the Terms, related laws and regulations, he/she shall be liable for any third party damages.

9. Revision of Terms

9.1 SJTU SCE International Summer School reserves the right to amend the Terms at any time. The School shall publish the revised Terms directly on its website as soon as possible. Such notifications of revisions assume that User has been notified. Other forms of notifications, if appropriate, are accepted as well.

9.2 If User disagrees with the revised Terms, he/she shall have the right to cancel the network service(s). By continuing the service(s), User is assumed to agree with the revised Terms.

10. Notifications

10.1 School-end notifications shall be sent to all Users through webpage announcements, e-mails, text messages or mail deliveries; Such notifications, once sent, assume that User has been notified.

10.2 User-end notifications shall be sent to the official address, fax number and e-mail address provided by SJTU SCE International Summer School.

11. Scope of Jurisdiction

11.1 Constitution, enforcement and clarification of the Terms shall comply with laws of the People’s Republic of China and thus shall be under the jurisdiction of national courts.

11.2 Both parties shall try to resolve any occurring issues through negotiation; If such negotiation fails, both parties have the right to file a lawsuit to the People's Court of the city where SJTU SCE International Summer School is located.

12. Additional Terms

12.1 The Terms hereinabove constitutes the agreement of both parties on related matters. No other rights are granted unless specified in future revisions of the Terms.

12.2 Given that some provisions of the Terms are partially/wholly invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions are still considered binding.

12.3 The headings in the Terms are for convenience only and thus are not the focus when one is giving a debriefing.